A bit of early warning, my new book: Jungle Jive: Sustaining the forests of Southeast Asia should be published in the second half of May. You can go the publisher’s website to place an early order if you want to do so.

This book attempts to paints a picture of the critical role and importance of the jungles to Southeast Asia, detailing their diversity, the home they provide for countless animals large and small; their importance to tens of millions of human inhabitants, and the beauty and versatility of the timber and other products they provide. It sets out an argument for the management of tropical jungles founded on an economic case, that in part lies in the increasing prospects of sustainable, legally verified wood production and climate change abatement carbon credit trading.

The book advocates making trees too valuable to destroy is a critical piece of the jungle survival puzzle. It advances an argument for developing economic incentives to retain healthy, functioning, viable jungle ecosystems across Southeast Asia.

Enough for now – more details later.