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Month: February 2016

Home of the gods

Schwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar: trees remain places of reverence and home of the gods.

Trees have frequently been viewed as places of reverence and the home of gods. Even today when trees and forests are recognised as the source of so many products essential to daily life, they are still revered as special places of environmental, cultural and spiritual importance.

In his book; The Tree in Changing Light, Australian author Roger McDonald1 expresses the connection between man and trees as follows:

It is impossible to separate trees from people’s attitudes about themselves – read more

The biological miracle of trees

Microscope view of stomata... open and close absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen and water vapour.

Trees have been described as the biological miracle at the very core of human evolution, for not only do they provide the essential ingredients that have given rise to the creation of life, they hold the key to the continuity of humanity. At the most basic level, it is the leaves in the green tree canopies where the truly magic story of nature is to be found.

Within the green, thin and vein-covered fabric of leaves something truly miraculous happens that provides the spark of life. It is the intrigue read more