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Antarctica forests

Just back from southern South America and Antarctica having a firsthand look at climate change impacts.
With a surface area in excess of 14 million square kilometres Antarctica is larger than Europe, and almost twice the size of Australia. As much as 98 per cent of the continent’s surface is covered in thick, compacted ice, reaching an average depth of over a two kilometres.
Recent scientific discoveries suggest that this ‘forgotten continent’ – sometimes nicknamed the Great White Desert – may in fact have once hosted forests.
Sarah Feakins, a biogeochemist from the University of Southern … Read more “Antarctica forests”

The biological miracle of trees

Trees have been described as the biological miracle at the very core of human evolution, for not only do they provide the essential ingredients that have given rise to the creation of life, they hold the key to the continuity of humanity. At the most basic level, it is the leaves in the green tree canopies where the truly magic story of nature is to be found.

Within the green, thin and vein-covered fabric of leaves something truly miraculous happens that provides the spark of life. It is the intrigue of how leaves, in a process called photosynthesis, are able to turn carbon dioxide from the sky into giant… Read more “The biological miracle of trees”

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