trees-smlTrees are at the very centre of human existence and well-being here on planet Earth. They are remarkable biological organisms and also ‘drive’ a substantial amount of commerce supporting human economic activity.

Trees deserve to be acknowledged, supported and discussed. That is what this blog is intended to do. It will contain some narrative, pictures and comments from me, and if you wish, some from you.
This blog is not going to get all technical and academic rather it is a platform for those interested in celebrating the wonder, diversity and amazing attributes of trees of every type, shape and size.  So join me for an interesting journey through the world of trees.

While recognising the biological wonder of trees, we should also see trees, forests and plantations in ways that work to produce the wide range of wood, paper and other products that are so much part of our daily lives. Cutting down and carefully utilising the right tree in the right place is a tribute to the value and respect society places on the qualities and attributes of trees. Indeed, the survival of humanity may depend on a better understanding and use of trees in ways that are only now being contemplated – as a means of mitigating climate change, as sources of energy, transport fuels, chemicals and other products yet to be manufactured.

Trees are the magic green machines that hold part of the promise, part of the solution that will allow humanity to endure beyond current consumption patterns and life styles.