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Month: August 2016

Radiata pine – ‘super wood’ of the 21st century

Radiata pine now one of the major plantation trees across temperate regions of the Southern Hemisphere and the basis of substantial forest industries.

Pine plantations began to be established in Australia from the 1870s as insurance against diminishing supplies of timber from native forests. Early attempts to find suitable pine plantation species for Australian conditions gave rise to planting trials using a wide variety of species. Pines from north and central America, Europe and the Mediterranean, from the Himalayas and Eastern Asia were all tried.

While several showed promise, the most successful was Monterey or radiata pine. This species read more

Buttress roots in Brunei

Buttress roots supporting tropical forest trees, Brunei

Been working in Brunei Darussalam recently, including having a look around the Temburong National Park. The park is notable for its extensive pristine tropical forest on hill country, with some interesting inhabitants, including the endangered Proboscis monkey. The trees in the park are numerous in terms of numbers of species and size. The average height of the taller trees rarely exceeds 50 to 60 metres, though individual trees may grow up to 90 metres tall.

Buttress roots are a fascinating read more