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Month: May 2016

Stone pines – feature of Rome

Stone pines amongst the remains of ancient Rome.

Just back from working in Rome. Many would say that the defining feature of the place is the colosseum and other ruins from Roman times. Sure they are impressive, but a more universal feature of the city is the extensive plantings of stone pine as street and decorative trees. These highly manicured trees give Rome a distinct look – more so in my opinion that the remnants of Julius Caesar and his mates.

Stone pine (Pinus pinea) also called Italian stone pine, umbrella pine and parasol read more

Early warning – book on its way

Jungle Jive: Sustaining the forests of Southeast Asia.

A bit of early warning, my new book: Jungle Jive: Sustaining the forests of Southeast Asia should be published in the second half of May. You can go the publisher’s website to place an early order if you want to do so.

This book attempts to paints a picture of the critical role and importance of the jungles to Southeast Asia, detailing their diversity, the home they provide for countless animals large and small; their importance to tens of millions of human inhabitants, and the beauty and versatility read more

Feedback on correspondence

Harvesting radiata pine – blog coming soon.

We have had an issue with the posting of comments directly on the blog site – corrected now. That aside, I have received some interesting emails and even a positive, pleasant comment from the Federal Government Department of Apiculture and Water Resources – so thanks.

Roger Underwood from Western Australia likes the blog and sent me an article advocating the planting of northern hemisphere deciduous trees in bushfire-prone areas of WA. His article also provides a really interesting commentary read more