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Month: March 2016

Gum tree – world’s most successful tree

Considering that Australia is the home of the gum tree, compared with other countries, we have been slow in planting our own eucalypts in tree plantations. Although more than 14 million hectares of gum trees have been planted across the world.

Eucalypts account for more than 70 per cent of the trees in Australia’s natural forests and woodlands, growing in a wide range of climates from the hot tropics to near-desert inland plains to alpine snowfields. Evolving from rainforest ancestors, eucalypts have adapted to an environment where nutrient-poor soils are common and a dry environment has become… Read more “Gum tree – world’s most successful tree”

Trees grow almost anywhere – take the Joshua tree

No doubt – trees are feats of architectural and engineering excellence among nature’s greatest achievements. Trees – and of course forests – are found in all regions of the Earth capable of sustaining plant growth. At altitudes up to the snow line, except where it is too dry, or where fire frequency is too high, or where the environment has been altered by natural disturbance or human activity.

Remarkably nature has gifted trees with the ability to survive in extreme weather conditions – from sub zero temperatures to dry scorching deserts. Trees grow in polar regions in Siberia, Alaska and Canada,… Read more “Trees grow almost anywhere – take the Joshua tree”

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